Golden Key Membership

Golden Key members have access to all services, as well as exclusive access to Victoria’s Closet, a personalized and interactive service in which VHS creates your own “Virtual Closet”. By creating a photo catalogue of the items in your closet, VHS is able to access your closet on an ongoing basis, and coordinate the perfectly accessorized outfit for any outing or activity you desire. You can then view these selections in your private, personalized Virtual Closet. The Lookbooks for Men and Women showcase examples of outfits VHS has created for its clients. Using the Virtual Closet, VHS can identify items that need to be upgraded or altered, recommend additional pieces to compliment your lifestyle and wardrobe, offer suggestions for special seasonal accents and select the best replacements for those items that have seen better days. Golden Key Membership includes nine additional hours yearly during which you can discuss lifestyle concerns and goals with Victoria. Members will also receive Victoria’s helpful hints and tips every month. Examples of ways VHS will manage, simplify, and refresh your image and lifestyle with the Golden Key Membership include:

  • Custom, quarterly consults tailored to your needs;
  • Closet organization and streamlining;
  • Update and management of your wardrobe in person, and virtually throughout the year;
  • Custom alterations and fittings as well as custom-made shirts, suits and shoes;
  • Wallet, watch, bowtie, handbag and other accessory management;
  • Event consultations and image advising;
  • Social media, photo, and image upgrades;
  • Grooming tips for men, including hair and hair loss consulting;
  • Grooming tips for women, including hair style referral;
  • Eyeglass shape and style advice;
  • Check-ins regarding your smile and skin;
  • Nutrition and fitness recommendations;
  • Guidance towards maintaining a youthful state of mind;
  • Etiquette training;
  • Gift management for friends and loved ones.

Enter Victoria’s Closet by clicking on the Golden Key:

antique golden door key isolated on white background


As a single father in my 50's who travels extensively for work, Victoria has been a godsend to me.  Her taste is impeccable, but not too "out there," as seems to be the norm for folks in this business. Victoria is also just one of those people you immediately trust to handle--with discretion, sensibility and a dash of uniqueness--whatever it is you need to get done.

L.C., International Executive and Father to 5

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