Sample Look Book for Women

VHS helps you get the most out of your existing wardrobe. We use favorite pieces from your closet and reinvent them into new ensembles, as well as make recommendations for items needed to bring your style together or add the finshing touch. We will shop with, or for you and make this an efficient and productive process. VHS can provide you with a personal Look Book for later reference, making choosing what to wear fast and easy, instilling in you the confidence that you look great!  In addition, as a Golden Key Member you will have access to your own online Virtual Look Book so you can work interactively with VHS, adding and deleting pieces and mixing and matching outfits in real time.

Below are some sample outfit combinations from Victoria’s female clientele, showing casual and sporty combinations (left panel) and a mix of work, luncheon and evening outfits (right panel).

Updated December 2016

Casual and Sporty

Work and Dressy

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