Victoria Hitchcock, San Francisco and Silicon Valley personal style expert
About Victoria

Victoria is an international luxury stylist recognized for her boundless energy and eye for detail. With chic and simplistic everyday fashion, Victoria makes every client look and feel their very best. Her creative vision incorporates the unique personal style of each client. Through her talent for the dynamic use of texture, form, color, and fabrics, Victoria elevates and transforms her client’s image. Victoria likes to work with women, men, professionals and people with special needs. Her experience in fashion began at the age of 15 and vicpic headshot editspans the runway, advertising, retail and celebrity styling. She is a Spaniard who travels often to Europe, where she keeps her finger on the pulse of international fashion. Exceptional relationships with designers and retailers provide a personal shopping experience that is exclusive, relaxing and gratifying.

Currently Victoria works as a personal lifestyle and luxury fashion consultant to Silicon Valley CEOs and tech executives, although her well heeled clientele also includes many Wall Street and international business executives that benefit from her fashion and lifestyle expertise.

Victoria Hitchcock, San Francisco and Silicon Valley personal style expert
How I Work

At our first meeting, we will analyze your lifestyle, goals and ambitions. I will then help you develop an original and enhanced style based on who you are. Not only will you end up with a personal transformation but you will also gain a life-long understanding of how style adds to your personality and personal power. Many underestimate the power of the first impression. We  will work with you to provide the tools to boost your confidence in your personal and professional interactions and make the right initial impression._DSC8475

“In a nutshell, working with Victoria has had a positive and lasting effect. I have less ‘stuff’ and more of what I really need. Dressing and shopping are streamlined. I feel confident in my clothes. The results are more chic. What’s not to love? Victoria is amazing!! Thank you Victoria for a much needed fashion ‘reboot’.” – 39 yr. old female biotech entrepreneur – Silicon Valley, CA

Unlike many personal stylists, I make an effort to help my clients get the most out of their existing wardrobes, rather than insist that they buy an entire closet full of new clothes. It is amazing how an existing piece of clothing can be given a new life with just a few key alterations. And you can be certain that I will show you how to further enhance your wardrobe by adding in those special new items that will elevate your own unique style to the next level.

Victoria at WorkClothing is just one aspect of style. Hair, makeup, fitness and nutrition all contribute to an individual’s sense of style and confidence. Watching a client blossom is one of the most rewarding aspects of my profession.  I especially enjoy working with people in transition, be it emotional or physical.

Victoria Hitchcock, San Francisco and Silicon Valley personal style expert
Lifestyle Services

I offer a variety of lifestyle packages to my clients, ranging from a simple closet consultation to an ongoing private Golden Key membership that includes a personalized and interactive “Look Book” showcasing the contents of your wardrobe arranged in stylish and flattering combinations to suit your individual lifestyle needs. NutritionMy introductory Reinvent Yourself package includes a full array of personalized services aimed at helping you to create the best version of yourself, taking into consideration your specific lifestyle goals. Be sure to view my Sample Lookbooks for Men and Women. riding bootOther services include a full closet overhaul, a professional update, a special style packages for newly single men and women, several travel packages, a special event consultation, and more.

Victoria Hitchcock Style (VHS) is an international fashion and luxury image consultancy firm. Clients are located all over the world but particularly in California, and within the Silicon Valley from San Francisco to San Jose. VHS’s approach is holistic; she focuses on the whole person – wardrobe style, fitness, personal beauty and nutrition.

Guiding you to develop an authentic and empowered personal style is what Victoria, the sole principal of VHS, does. With over 20 years industry experience, she is known for her warm personality, attention to detail, panache, and elegant yet comfortable sense of style. Victoria loves fashion but loves people even more, relishing in helping her clients to blossom and develop into their own personal best. You can have confidence that from the initial meeting and throughout the process, Victoria will skillfully guide and help transform you into a more impactful version of yourself.

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I had thought fashion was the terrain of the narcissist, and dressing well masks ones individuality. Victoria taught me while a thoughtful choice in clothing is indeed flattering, it also makes a strong statement that I positively engage the world. Victoria knows that working in biotech affords me the opportunity to dress casually, but not carelessly. Victoria helped me to present a style that projects a healthy self-regard without coming off as flashy or aggressive. I was surprised by how much my comfort level in business and social settings has improved; I attribute this to the positive initial responses I receive when meeting new colleagues.  Human nature dictates that first the impression matters, and it is a sign of respect when one presents a better version of themselves.”

K.D., Senior Biotech Scientist

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