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San Francisco Bay Area image, wardrobe, and lifestyle consultant

Step into a world of lifestyle transformation. Empowerment through fashion, health, and authenticity. Victoria Cardenas Hitchcock opens an exclusive door to a new personal brand and effortless style for your life, using a unique process she developed strictly for VHS clients. Escape the cut and paste. Become your own style icon.

Men. Women. Style seekers of all stripes.


You are not anyone else—why should you look like them? VHS tailors your style to you and your life. Elegant, effortless, fun, individual.


The confidence you carry inside and the way you look outside communicate your authentic self to the world. Style is not a hashtag.


You are more than how you look or what you do. But when fashion, health, and attitude align, life is that much better.

“The new reality in work style is creating a professional image for life and business online. Zoom, Skype, Facebook, Houseparty, Google, WhatsApp—these are some of the new board rooms and meeting spaces. With much of my work having been virtual for many years, my styling ethos is already infused in this new normal of being an image-maker for the office-away-from-the-office.”

Victoria Cardenas Hitchcock

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