I had thought fashion was the terrain of the narcissist, and dressing well masks ones individuality. Victoria taught me while a thoughtful choice in clothing is indeed flattering, it also makes a strong statement that I positively engage the world. Victoria knows that working in biotech affords me the opportunity to dress casually, but not carelessly. Victoria helped me to present a style that projects a healthy self-regard without coming off as flashy or aggressive. I was surprised by how much my comfort level in business and social settings has improved; I attribute this to the positive initial responses I receive when meeting new colleagues.  Human nature dictates that first the impression matters, and it is a sign of respect when one presents a better version of themselves.

K.D., Senior Biotech Scientist

I am 50-something, and a lawyer, which is by nature a fairly conservative profession, and I have to admit that the range of my non-work outfits was pretty limited before you came along.  So I am all the more pleased with all the items you helped me select, and they definitely were a welcome and overdue upgrade to my closet. Victoria, you are great to work with, and I would recommend your services, without hesitation, to anyone.

Attorney, Northern California

Victoria was so helpful for me when I started dating again.  She helped me update  my look, adjusting my hair color, refining my makeup and  putting together some great outfits! Victoria made the process comfortable and fun.  When I went out in the evenings I felt so confident and looked great!

M.F., Newly Divorced and Comfortably Dating

People contact stylists for different reasons. In my case, I was undergoing a career transition. The clothes in my closet were presentable, but figuring out what to wear was a chore. There had to be a better way. A style ‘reboot’ was in order to update, streamline and simplify my closet. I tried the personal stylist service at different department stores. While the clothes selected were individually nice and decidedly on-trend, they unfortunately did not feel like “me”, fit my lifestyle or lend themselves to a cohesive style. It was frustrating. A colleague mentioned he worked with a stylist. After reading about different service options/providers, I contacted Victoria Hitchcock Style and am so glad that I did.

Working with Victoria has been efficient, productive, and enjoyable. She assessed me (body shape, coloring, existing clothes, lifestyle, likes/dislikes/aspirations) and really listened to what I was looking for. She presented different options and figured out what I gravitate towards and where my boundaries are. Shopping with Victoria, I learned about the right styles for my body; attention to color, fit and trend; how to accentuate and accessorize and so much more. I have come to view her as a Lifestyle Coach. She nudges me along on key items (e.g., glasses, jeans) and has guided me to develop a personal sense of style. Shopping is now efficient. My closet is simplified, containing only clothes that I like and wear. It all feels much lighter and more functional. If you are thinking about working with Victoria and her lovely team, I would highly encourage you to do so. I found the experience exceeded my expectations and was beneficial on many levels. We continue working together quarterly and I am as strong advocate of her Golden Key program.

ML, 40 year old San Francisco MD

Victoria first started working with me and my family about four years ago.  I could write an entire chapter on how Victoria has changed my life.  My wardrobe needs were a challenge from the beginning because I am a full figured woman in a world that seems to cater to the size zeros.  While on this journey with Victoria, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and with Victoria’s help I was able to keep what I was going through private.  Without a doubt, Victoria has saved me major amounts of stress, time and money.  It is with great gratitude that I want to thank Victoria for properly dressing me in every situation from the carpool line to the Red Carpet.

Jean P.

As a single father in my 50’s who travels extensively for work, Victoria has been a godsend to me.  Her taste is impeccable, but not too “out there,” as seems to be the norm for folks in this business. Victoria is also just one of those people you immediately trust to handle–with discretion, sensibility and a dash of uniqueness–whatever it is you need to get done.

Lee C., Executive and Father to Five

I can’t thank you enough Victoria for helping me “improve myself”. It’s so nice after 3 babies and 10 years of being either pregnant or nursing to try and look nice again. You have been like the big sister I never had. I’m so excited about my hair, my eyebrows, my altered clothes, my new makeup, and now my new skin! I really, really appreciate all you have done for me.

Kristen M., Ob Gyn

I am most grateful to know the beautiful Victoria Cardenas-Hitchcock. I cherish her warmth, loving carefree humor, insight and bright smile.  She is a devoted wife to her husband, committed mother of her four lovely children, faithful sister and caring friend.  She is fully involved in the loving community in which she resides. She loves life, is vibrant and always wants the best for all whom surround her.  Her inspiration is contagious, of which you would be most fortunate to receive.

I worked with Victoria and utilized her services for not only my husband and me but for my teenage daughters as well. We find her expertise for key transitional events such as college interviews, internships and proms invaluable. We always end up with a look that everyone is happy with.

Kari B., Entrepreneur and Mother of Five 

In a nutshell, working with Victoria has had a positive and lasting effect. I have less “stuff’” and more of what I really need. Dressing and shopping are streamlined. I feel confident in my clothes. The results are more chic. What’s not to love? Victoria is amazing!! Thank you Victoria for a much needed fashion ‘reboot’.

 39 Year Old Female Biotech Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley, CA

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